In Winter 2014 Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger traveled on a roadtrip from Innsbruck to Morocco. On the way they went snowboarding in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada before they traveled on over the sea gate of Gibraltar to Morocco. This country offers cultural and natural diversity, unique surf spots along the coastline, many possibilities for snowboarding in the Atlas Mountains and for skating. A dream came true.

Benno, Matze & Maximilian

Maximilian Meisberger, Benno Postert, Matthias Reif

Markus Klaes

Michi Berger, Markus Klaes

Matthias Reif, Benno Postert, Maximilian Meisberger, Pablo Aristeguieta

Beret-Baqueira (ESP) // Sierra Nevada (ESP) // Almeria(ESP) // Immesouane(MOR) // Taghazoute (MOR) // Oukaimeden(MOR)

Odesza – How did I get here // Balmorhea – Bowspirit // Beuzz – Sunshine Funshine // Robot Orchestra – BoomBlap // Junip – Without You // L’oud Marocain // Casa del Mirto – Acafulcro // Pretty Lights – Lost and Found (Odesza Remix) // L’oud Marocain // The Human Beinz – Nobody but me // Körfetz – Christof ‘Scab’ Lange & Matthias Witzleb

All people who helped to realize that project
Michi Freymann, Paul Bartholomew, Gerrit Gericke, Anna Fridheim, Gerd Weisner, Delko Canda, Petra Reindl, Caterina Wamos, Christian Kramer, Lars Österle, Tobias Winkel, Abraham Paskowitz, Jochen Bauer, Elisabeth Obermoser, Christian Wander, Carla Twelkemeier, Jo Deferm, Oussous Said, Mercedes Delgado, Pablo Aristeguieta, Ninja Stefflbauer, Johannes Muensch, Dominik Gruener, Frederick Thelen, Jochen Bauer, Aron Holterman, Yannie van Leek, Alex Bergmann, Stefan Eigner, Annika Matthew, Dominic Tritscher, Jakob Haueisen, Abdel Rakem, Ole Wolsbeck, Michi Berger, Christof ‘Scab’ Lange und Matthias Witzleb von Audent

SPONSORS/MEDIAPARTNERS // // // // // // // // // // //

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MOVIE RELEASE “3FWB on the road to Morocco” and Taghazout Gallery


„3FWB on the road to Morocco”

After the first successful project of 3 Friends, Weeks, Boards we are
„back on the road“
In January 2014 Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger started their roadtrip from Innsbruck to Morocco. On the way they went snowboarding in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada before they traveled on over the sea gate of Gibraltar to Morocco. This country offers cultural and natural diversity, unique surf spots along the coastline and many possibilities for snowboarding in the Atlas Mountains. You can watch the result the result, a 25 minute travel documentary, on May the 3rd at the “Die Bäckerei” in Innsbruck/Austria. Beside the movie release there will be a photo exhibition, a big Tombola, Moroccan finger food and beats by D2VDM and that´s all for free!
We are looking forward to see you there.


Surfing Taghazout

After a Week we squeezed our stuff into Horst again and were happy to discover new spots further south. After having classic conditions at Boilers and Anker point with ok crowds our dreams came true. Along a stretch of coast that seemed to have potential we checked a couple of spots and finally found a path with a dead dog at the entry. We arrived at the perfect tide and happily jumped into our new discovery ‘Dead Dog Point’. Here we surfed a powerful fast righthander mostly alone for the next few days. After a lot of paddling for very few waves in Immesouane we now got rewarded with a super relaxed point without current and people, all of us scoring wave after wave.

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After coming home from our Morocco trip mid of February
the snow situation didn’tchanged around Innsbruck. Mid of
March we decided to go again in southern direction to
the “Flecknerhütte” at the Jaufenpass. Good choice;
we found tons of snow and pure sun forthree days.
We jumped every type of kicker around the hut and just
had a good time upthere. Thanks again to Roland & Ulrike
from the “Flecknerhütte”.

The video premiere of our main film “3FWB on the road
to morocco” will be on the 3rd of
May 2014 at the “Die Bäckerei”/Innsbruck/Austria.
The online release will be a week later.

Benno, Matze, Maximilian, Maxl, Mitch & Marx

Photos by Michi Berger/

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WEBisode III “Review Otur/Asturias“

On our last year road trip along the north coast of spain we stayed several days at the beautiful bay Otur close to the small village Luarca in Asturias. Our friend Jannie lives there so we had the perfect base to search for the best swell conditions. After some days Paul Grey, a German surfer who lives in Portugal, visited us. He destroyed every spot by doing turns and sprays all day long. The north coast of Spain offers many possibilities for surfing and many other sports and there and we met friendly people everywhere. We are already looking forward to come back.

Benno, Matze & Maximilian

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3FWB on the road to Morocco-Immesouane Gallery

We were really excited to cross Gibraltar to dive into African culture. Moroccan’s slow pace hit us straight at the customs when the policeman who had to enter Horst into the system took an almost 2h midday break and didn’t care about us sitting on hot coals in the van keen to go surfing. We had a short stop close to Kenitra where the parking guard stole the blanket we borrowed him and a group of drunken idiots came over to have a little rave directly next to us while we tried to get some sleep. The first surf in the morning was releaving. Driving down to Immesouanne the cultural shock kept going on. People and even their sheep were walking and crossing the highway all the time. Policemen in white dresses were protecting every driveway. Suddenly a group of new black Mercedes Benz overtook followed by another 20 Policemen, must have been the king Mohammed VI.
In Immesouanne we could stay in the O’Neill BoardXhouse, a huge modern flat. Here we could spread our stuff on 150 m^2 instead of the 6 we had in Horst. Luckily the bay was protected from the strong north winds that destroyed the surf for all the other spots around the little fishing village. We definitely were more motivated than the rest of the sleepy village, so we had the pleasure to enjoy the waves in the early morning just for ourselves. While searching for a spot that works on high tide we organized a donkey to carry our stuff to a remote spot. With the stong wind destroying the nice swell Benno and Maxi ended up riding the Donkey along the beach while Matze was desperately trying to catch some waves at this onshore blown spot.

Benno, Matze & Maximilian

Instagram Pics:

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3FWB on the road to Morocco – Spain Gallery

We skipped France and drove through the night straight down to Barqueira-Berret in the Pyrenees. As our van Horst is taking it easy it took us a bit longer as expected and we arrived highly motivated in the snow around 2pm in the resort. We found a nice tree run to hike. While hiking up there we found a little natural hit as an opener for our trip. Sleeping at 2200m with -10 C° and heavy wind in a caravan without heater is dawn cold. Back on the road we drove more south in direction to Madrid. Close to the capital city there is a ghost town called Valdeluz. You have to imagine a brand new town for around … people and almost all flats are empty. It´s a perfect example for the economical crisis of 2008, when the money was running out and they had to stop building the public school and the church. Next stop Sierra Nevada. The mountain is located in the southern part of Spain close to Granada. The highest point in the resort is about 3200m with a magnificent view to North Africa. On the evening of arrival a heavy snowstorm just stopped dumping, cars next to the street where covered with snow up to the windows and we had to shovel to get a parking spot. Pablo Aristegueita, another Light team rider who lives in SV, awaited us. We where exited.
The next morning: blue bird! We rode through the resort and found natural spots everywhere. What a start! On the way back to Pablos huge apartment with 10m^2 for 5 guys we found several street spots in town. Short break and back into the boots. That was our daily life for the next 4 days, one better than the day before. Most of the time we ended up taking some drinks and awesome tapas in a small bar around the corner. A glorious time. Thanks again to the resort and especially Pablo aka “Chapa“. You are the man!

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Everyone has his own style, every track is different and every Snowboard is unique. But the passion and the fun for it brings it all together.
We got the chance to build our own Snowboards at SPURart. It´s a small factory for Custom-made Skies and Snowboards at Innsbruck/Austria. We took the painted map of Europe from our Introshooting as the Topsheet of our boards and decided to make three total different shapes. It´s totally awesome to either bend your own edges or shape your wooden core. The moment when you put the boards out of the oven (vacuum chamber) – what a great feeling. But the best moment by far – when you test them the first time in backcountry. We went for two days in a small resort called Ratschings-Jaufen with tons of powder. A glorious time! Design your line…
Morocco we´ll come!

Benno, Matze & Maximilian

Evenings – Friend (Lover)
Adam Santoya – Up

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In Winter 2014 Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger head from Innsbruck to Morocco for a road trip. On the way they will visit skaters in Barcelona, go snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada and travel on to Morocco. That country offers cultural and natural diversity, unique surf spots along the coastline and many possibilities for snowboarding in the Atlas Mountains. Throughout the whole trip it is planned to visit local heroes of all three board sports and to integrate them into the movie. The result will be a 25- minute travel documentary.
WEBisode I “Autumn“
Autumn, the colorful season in between, offers endless possibilities to us. The snowboard season starts on the glaciers, in the cities it’s still warm and at the same time the first big winter swells hit the Atlantic coastline.
We recorded some of our experiences with the Sony Action Cam AS30V: The first powder turns and some fun handmade jump lines on the glaciers, surfy turns with Carver Skateboards on the streets of Innsbruck and scoring some nice waves in Portugal. Morocco we’re coming!
Benno, Matze & Maximilian

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Powderpart Maximilian

Awesome sessions on powderdays with good friends. Again!

Filmed at: Arlberg, Seegrube, Stubai, Diedamskopf

Filmed by: Markus Klaes, Basti Funk, Matthias Reif

Song: Hippie Sabotage – White Tiger (Izzy Bizu Remix)

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WEBisode V – Sustainability in Boardsports

In this WEBisode we talk about the ecological footprint we left on our trip and give suggestions for more sustainability in the world of boardsports. Inspired by the interview with Tony Butt, and his book ’Sustainable Guide to surfing’ we embeded the interview into our own little story.

The new intro for season 2 of 3FWB will come in November 2013.

Stay on the road with 3FWB.

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